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NAME: Cullen Stanton Rutherford
AGE: 30 (and getting older as time passes - 29 at game's start, add years from there)
RACE: Human
TITLE/RANK: Commander of The Inquisition
HEIGHT: 6'1"
BUILD: broad, solid, tiny bit of pudge from sitting at a desk all day
HAIR: dark blond
EYES: blue
SKIN: tan
BEARING: let's just say the armour is the only thing that keeps him upright some days
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: scar that bisects his upper lip, and quite a few on the rest of his body (though those are not visible in day to day life)

He spends more than half his time in his office going over the endless stacks of paperwork The Inquisition produces, and most of the rest of his time training his soldiers. If he ever did find some free time, I'm not sure he'd know what to do with it. Sleep, maybe? (Yeah, right.)


Kind of a hardass, definitely scary, absolutely married to his work.

Unless you're getting your information from Sera. Then it's anybody's guess.


I love the interaction between the Advisors. Bring on the snark. I also have a major love for writing out fights, even if it's just friendly sparring. Anything that gives me a chance to flex that rusty sense of humour of his is a-ok with me.

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FORM: sending crystal
SENDER: Cullen Rutherford
RECIPIENT: errybody
WHAT: looking for an assistant, perhaps more than one
WHEN: now
WHERE: Kirkwall

NOTES: You don't have to take this seriously. Feel free to mock him and his obvious lack of experience in this matter. You can also feel free to have your character apply for the job even if you don't want them to have it.

[The voice being broadcast is tired. Not just in a didn't-sleep-well-last-night way, but in a constantly-flirting-with-exhaustion way. He doesn't particularly want to be doing this, but Gwen makes some excellent points.]

Good morning, everyone. This is Commander Rutherford, with... I suppose you'd call it a job opening. Keeping on top of everything that needs doing now that we've settled ourselves here is proving to be more work than expected. I'm looking for an assistant, someone to assist with the day to day tasks here, help coordinate with our members and the locals, and just generally... help.

[Help. No, seriously, help. He has no idea what he's doing.]


Jun. 8th, 2016 10:32 am
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BACKTAGGING: Totally fine with it. I will backtag until the cows come home.

THREADHOPPING: Also totally fine with it in most situations. It will probably be pretty easy to tell, from context, what threads are not the best idea to jump in on. If I have a goal in mind for a thread that introducing another person would ruin, and I ask you to not jump in, or to delete your comment if you already have, it does not mean that I don't want to play with you ever again. Just not right now. I love my dogs, but I have never in my life wanted to play tug of war while I'm trying to nap. Same principle here.

OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: I am fine with all offensive subjects as long as they are properly warned for so that other players who might not want to read about them will not be surprised by them. If you bring up a subject that I think might be offensive to someone without warning for it, I will not continue to tag that thread. I do not want to be responsible for someone being blindsided by a trigger of theirs if I can help it.


I know that usually a big list of things would go here, but since it's IC, I can make it far simpler. Attempt to do anything you'd like to attempt to do to Cullen. If it's IC for your character to do it, then do it. Cullen will respond in an IC way to whatever you guys throw at him, and everybody goes home happy. I only ask that for the big stuff, you don't assume that it's happened without some input from me. I know that's pretty obvious, but better safe than sorry. If you want to kill or injure him, remember that he's a highly trained soldier who has Seen Some Shit and will not be easy to take down.


Jun. 8th, 2016 10:27 am
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Also what it says on the tin. Comments are screened, anon is enabled. If you leave an anonymous comment, I will unscreen it to reply to it unless you specifically ask me not to.

IC Inbox

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What it says on the tin.
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Name: Ophelia
Age: legal
Contact: PMs are fine, or my info is on the contact page
Other Characters: none
Interests: I absolutely love the nuance and unique details of the world of Dragon Age. Totally hooked. Even if it did take me like half an hour to find my way out of the Cousland house in Origins. Laugh at my shame, I certainly do. In Inquisition, I particularly love the interaction between the Advisors, so I'm really hoping to be able to dig into that. I also have a major love for writing out fights, even if it's just friendly sparring. That seems like something I might be able to get here, as well. I am also 110% here for games of strip wicked grace. I mean-- training new recruits. So much training. Yes. Training.


Name: Cullen Stanton Rutherford
Canon/OC: canon
Journal: lionheartedman
Race: human
Nationality: Ferelden
Occupation: Commander of the Inquisition
Age: 29



Cullen is a man who, above all else, is trying to do what he thinks is right. This is not always the thing that he should be doing, and is rooted in a value system that has changed over the years. He is trying to make the world a better place. He gives of himself, sometimes until there is nothing left, for the benefit of others. He's fairly simple in a lot of ways, and stereotypically Ferelden. He wears leather and heavy boots, caught frogs as a child, still doesn't mind the mud, doesn't really trust things that are too new and shiny, and has a very specific hole in his soul that only as awesome dog will be able to fill.

He is a smart man, and age has tempered his eagerness so that he can make an attempt at viewing a situation from all sides before he acts. He considers his words carefully before he speaks (most of the time) and finds himself often acting as the voice of reason among the advisors. Though he will sheepishly admit that Josie is the voice of reason when his temper and impulses get the better of him. He throws himself into his work, often to the exclusion of everything else. Because of this, his sense of humour is a little off, all manner of flirtation except the most direct flies right over his head, and he isn't always sure how to interact with people outside of his role as a military Commander. Being the Commander is something he's been training for all his life. Being just Cullen is something that he hasn't put any energy into in a very long time.

It's impossible to talk about Cullen without bringing religion into the picture. Cullen is a man of faith, firm and unshakable. It's not necessarily the Chantry that has his devotion, it's the Chant. Cullen's faith is in the ideal more than the institution, which draws a very important parallel to the way he attempts to live his own life.

It is equally impossible to talk about Cullen without bringing up the fact that he is also a combat veteran suffering from mental fatigue and traumatic stress disorders, as well as a recovering addict. The recovery is never easy and sometimes seems impossible.

Opinions & Affiliations

Cullen is disillusioned with the Chantry's politics, but feels very strongly connected to The Chant itself. He is generally suspicious of Qunari because of the Kirkwall invasion. He has no strong prejudices against Elves as a race, since he got to know quite a few of them during his time in The Circle. His feelings on the Mage Templar war are more complicated than just "this is my side and everything it did was right" because he has the benefit of hindsight to recognize that both sides made grave mistakes.

He has been affiliated with the Chantry, Templars, and Inquisition in the past, and these affiliations are all discussed in his linked history section.

In fact, I feel like most of what is asked for in this section this is actually fairly well covered in Cullen's linked history section. I have no issue writing it out in my own words, if you would prefer that, but you would end up reading a lot of duplicate thoughts. Also, it might not be possible to cover it all in only 300 words. If you'd like to hear my thoughts on any particular issue or group or situation, I'm happy to oblige.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Cullen is an exceptional fighter and strategist. He has a truly impressive amount of patience and faith, not only in the Chant, but in the people around him. The two types of faith are linked, but not completely reliant on one another. His devotion and loyalty are definitely two of his strongest attributes. When he gives himself to a cause, he gives all of himself. This level of commitment helps to inspire those he leads.

He is well and truly awful at taking care of himself. He does not sleep enough. He does not eat enough. He does not relax enough. He takes no mental health days. He works and trains too hard, at the expense of his own health, emotionally, mentally, and physically. His lyrium addiction is one of his greatest weaknesses. Even though he is no longer taking it, does not plan to ever take it again in his life, he will always be addicted to it, will always be struggling with it.


As I am applying with a character who has already been in the game since the start, and has also been dropped recently enough that an extended absence does not make sense, he isn't coming in with anything so much as he already has everything the last Cullen had. Because his stuff hasn't gone anywhere. So aside from his basics (clothes, gear, his lucky coin, etc.) I'd be assuming that my Cullen has anything that the previous Cullen was mentioned having.

What brings your character to the Inquisition?





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